A different buying experience .......... no, really!

People dread dealers. From the salesmen descending like vultures when you even get close to the lot, to the adversarial good cop/bad cop negotiations that follow once you have decided to purchase, the whole industry is designed to wear you down until you can only say yes.

So many dealers advertise a “different experience”, and “no haggle” pricing. But, most fail at this because the methods of selling cars are so ingrained in the car sales culture.

We do say that we offer a different experience. If you would like to be left alone to just browse, or have someone present to answer your questions, you are the driver in this process. With us, the test drive is not the only fun part!

We have a small selection of quality cars, priced fairly. You will deal with the owners directly. And the negotiation is more of a conversation with no pressure and no expectations. Simply put, if the car and the price aren't comfortable for you, we are not going to try to sell it to you anyway.

Most of our cars were purchased from private sellers, were well taken care of, and most have service records. If you are looking for a specific car, we can also try to find it for you.

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We are constantly looking for ways to improve our services to reach your satisfaction. We would appreciate any thoughts or advice you may have regarding our services. Please feel free to leave us a message via the web site by clicking "Contact Us".